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Welcome to Our Blog 

Here at Trafalgar we believe in sharing our experience and our expertise with our clients and with visitors to our website. 
This is not about selling - it is about putting into practice our passion about caring what we do, sharing our expertise, building on trust and standing up for courage that we believe in.. 
We hope you enjoy the Blog - and do contact us if you would like any more information on what is written. 

Fire at Night 

How safe from fire are your premises at night and other times when no one is there? 
Almost all commercial and industrial premises have a fire detection and alarm system as required by British Standards. 
So, if a fire is here to read the rest of the blog 

Fire Strategy Day 

What a brilliant day! 
A room full of business leaders, a group of industry experts and manufacturers in the fields of fire detection and prevention, remote alarm signalling and risk assessments and you have the recipe for a fascinating and valuable day for all concerned. And that was exactly what we had this Wednesday 16th April at the Saint’s RFC ground in Northampton. 
Overlooking the hallowed and neatly mowed home ground of Northamptonshire here to read rest of the blog 

Classical Strategy and Modern Business 

I’ve been running businesses for more years than I’d care to remember, but it was only a few years ago that I ‘discovered’ The Art of War by Sun Tzu and, that his strategic principles were being employed at the highest level in very successful businesses, and elsewhere. 
The Art of War is one of very few Chinese books that have been held in such high esteem it is found written, often on bamboo strips, buried with the dead. As a here to read the rest of the blog 
The Art of War, Fire Safety, Business
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Is Business just burning money? 

London Fire Brigade is to charge businesses £290 for call outs if they attend more than 10 false alarms in a 12-month period, from 1 January. They say the vast bulk of automatic fire alarm calls turn out not to be fires and are often caused by poor management or maintenance of alarm systems. 
They are, in my opinion, not the first, nor will they be the last Brigade to charge for attendance for false alarms at commercial premises. 
In response to declining budgets and calls for financial savings, Fire Brigades across the country have been making cuts and changing services and even merging or considering merging into larger units ... click here to read the rest of the blog 

Have you got a 'to do' list 

The brain is a wonderful mechanism. I remember being told once that one of its most valuable features is to protect us, and I suppose generally that’s true. 
But the brain also has a wonderful ability to get used to stuff that under different circumstances would send us into a frenzy of worry, activity or anger. Something that is at the top of our list of priorities today often plummets to the depths of the abyss of eternal darkness tomorrow. 
I used to deliver a personal development seminar a few years ago and, when talking about learning new things, asked one audience how long they thought it would take to learn to play the piano. One man at the back of the room jumped up and said “43 years”, which came as rather a surprise to the rest of us as I guess most people had a year or two in mind ...... click here for the rest of the blog 
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